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Terry Bozzio
 Terry Bozzio's drum set © John T. DeStefano 2001

In 1974, and exceptional artist named Frank Zappa asked Terry to collaborate on some projects. After an extensive stint with Zappa, musicians and drummers worldwide were warmed to Bozzio's extraordinary talent. In 1979 he played with U.K., a group formed by Bill Bruford, Allan Holdsworth and Eddie Jobson. They cut 3 albums and toured very successfully worldwide. In the early 1980's fueled by the remarkable swell of new wave music, Terry formed a new band, Missing Persons. Terry played a history making solo drum concert at the Hollywood Palace for two nights to a sold out crowd. The shows consisted of two hour long sets which featured Terry's melodic drum set compositions, along with him playing a stage full of exotic percussion instruments, such as gongs, and hand drums from around the world. The response to this concert was overwhelming and has launched Terry into his current phase, establishing him as a unique innovator, and artistic visionary who is going beyond what was previously thought impossible on the modern drum set. People now realize that one man, all by himself, can make orchestral, thematic music on the drums.